Segmentation of Entrepreneurs

In Meghalaya, there are three broad segmentation of entrepreneurs defined which are Startup Entrepreneurs, Nano Entrepreneurs and Livelihood Entrepreneurs.

Startup Entrepreneurs – Startup entrepreneurs run innovation-based enterprises who produce value-added or improvised goods/services and have market coverage beyond their respective districts or even the state. These enterprises typically grow to have more than 20 employees and also include medium, small and micro enterprises as well as technology-based startups.

Nano Entrepreneurs – Nano entrepreneurs are those who run regular, non-innovation or imitation based enterprises that uses local resources and opportunity or solves a local problem providing employment for 2 – 20 people.

Livelihood Entrepreneurs – Livelihood entrepreneurs are solo or single entrepreneurs who primarily operate at local levels and where efforts will be made to increase productivity. These entrepreneurs are also feeders to many startup and nano entrepreneurs across sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, sericulture and apiculture among others.

Entrepreneur Type Definition Credit Source and level Examples
Startup Entrepreneur • Largely innovation based

 • Area of coverage extends beyond a block or district

 • Employ or create additional income for more than 20 people

• Venture Capital Funds • Angel Investors

• Banks

• above INR 5,00,000

• Tech startups

• Large exporters of agricultural produce

Nano Entrepreneur • Largely imitation based

• Employ or create additional income for 2-20 people

• Local resources for nearby markets

 • Serve local communities

• Banks, based on replicable packages/ franchise models developed under the program

• INR 50,000 – 5,00,000

• Aggregators of agriculture produce

• Small value addition units

• Small tourism resorts, restaurants, travel agents

Livelihood entrepreneur • Single entrepreneurs • Focus on productivity increases • Directly from SHGs or Cooperatives

• Less than INR 50,000

• Farmers, weavers, livestock rearers