Shidalin Marbaniang

Syntu Sanitary Pad

Livelihood Business Incubator, Nongstoin

A woman entrepreneur who started a sanitary pad manufacturing business in Meghalaya

Smt. Shidalin Marbaniang a local woman entrepreneur firstly registered at the EFC, Mawshynrut Block where she requested Training on Sanitary Pad Making. The District BDU organized the training for her through the Livelihood Business Incubator, Nongstoin run by the Basin Development Unit, West Khasi Hills District. After completion of the training, Shidalin set up her Enterprise at the Livelihood Business Incubator at Nongstoin with an investment of Rs 6 lakhs.
With support from the BDU through the Livelihood Business Incubator, Shidalin was provided with the channels for procurement of the raw materials and with the machines for manufacturing at the incubation center.

Syntu sanitary pads that are 100% compostable from Meghalaya

The enterprise uses locally available raw materials and employs local girls from within the District. The Sanitary Pads that are manufactured mostly by hand are 100% compostable and made up of 70% organic materials. Shidalin also initiates local awareness campaigns on menstrual health to encourage the local village women to move away from the age-old tradition of using a cloth to sanitary pads so as to improve the menstrual health of the local women. By producing such pads within the state, she is also able to help all women of all sections to be able to use pads that are locally available at more economical rates. She is currently marketing her products in the village of Riangdo, Nongstoin, Mairang and Mawkyrwat and hopes to expand slowly to reach other villages in the state.

Join us as we take you through the journey of Kong Shidalin Marbaniang, MEG-ERA FEBRUARY 2020 Awardee. A Woman Entrepreneur who wants to uplift and empower local women in her village, Shidalin works in building awareness for Menstrual health in the rural community by selling locally manufactured Sanitary Pads.

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