Emisowi Moore Mihsil

Pizza Barn

Umshing, Shillong

Emisowi Mihsil started Pizza Barn under the guidance of his guru and mentor who supported him during the entire project. An avid foodie and traveler, Emisowi had tasted food from all over the country and the world and wanted to bring back this knowledge to his own hometown.

Hence was born the concept of Pizza Barn – a fusion of modern techniques with traditional vibes serving pizzas that are authentic as well as incorporating local ingredients.

Pizza Barn is a Pizza eatery which lies at an approx. 6037sq ft of flat land amid a beautiful Calm Pine forest with trees towering to 10-15 ft high. It is a unique simple Vernacular structure (vernacular architecture) reflecting local traditional styles of a simple hut completed with bamboo work and mud. Its traditional emphasis on local and skilled designs makes the hut a landmark of ‘Cultural Importance’. With a deserted road and a few cars passing by, the serenity of the place provides an ideal hub to dine and unwind.

Pizza Barn provides authentic Italian food, with Indigenous Wood- Oven Pizzas as its signature dish. Besides Pizza, they also provide some of the most aromatic, exemplary, healthy herbal teas and varieties of fresh fruit drinks, shakes and local mock-tails.

Bringing the proud rich cultural characteristics of Meghalayan food to a special focus, its toned-down mellow ambience reflects western country style with its whole decor and look reflecting shabby, cozy barns.

With Shillong cafes in constant competition to be the finest dining spot to its ever-increasing foodie audience, Pizza Barn stands out for its authentic freshly baked thin crust pizza, with massive sizes of 14” and 18” being the first of its kind in North-East India. It is also the first pizza hub which serves wood oven pizzas in this part of the region as well as the first café serving indigenous pizzas reflecting local flavors.

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